Upcoming Events

02 February 2015 | Online

This series of 6 lectures will feature case studies of complex and challenging cases. Each lecture will be streamed live and recorded. Each registration will receive a link to the captioned recording and all handout materials 7-10 days after each live event. This page allows you to register for all 6 lectures.

14 December 2015 | Online

This case study will look at cases of unilateral Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder with varying etiology , both congenital and acquired.  These cases will focus on diagnostic assessments and medical investigation.

31 January 2016 | Online

Reading is a fundamental skill for all students to master in school—including, of course, our students who have low vision or are blind. But do you ever hear your students say “I’m just not good at reading!” or “Can’t I just listen to this?” or “Reading is no fun”? Do you ever feel as though you have to drag your students through their reading and writing...

About RIDBC Renwick

RIDBC Renwick Centre is a centre for research and professional studies in the field of education for children with sensory disabilities. In partnership with the University of Newcastle, the RIDBC Renwick Centre is committed to the provision of high quality teaching and learning opportunities for professionals in the area of Special Education for students with hearing or vision impairment, research in these same areas, and related community service.

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