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About the Ling Consortium

The Ling Consortium is made up of a group of international professionals dedicated to promoting the principles and practices of Dr Daniel Ling.

This is done through the development of university based and online courses about teaching listening and spoken language to children with hearing loss.

Dr. Ling was a pioneer of Auditory-Verbal practice, past-president of the AG Bell Association, a founding member of Auditory-Verbal International and the principles currently adopted for Listening and Spoken Language Specialists. He was a staunch advocate for early identification and use of hearing technologies to provide optimal access to spoken language and the author of several texts and articles on speech perception and speech production (Ling, 1989, 2002). Of his many contributions to the field, he is most known for the Ling Six Sound Test (Ling, 2006), used to check hearing technology and asses the child’s access to spoken language across the speech spectrum.

Given appropriate hearing aids and sufficient involvement in speech communication, many … children can receive enough acoustic information to acquire speech naturally.

The main thrust of this text is toward habilitation rather than rehabilitation—toward the development, rather than the remediation of verbal skills. Ling & Ling, 1978