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About Renwick Centre

The Renwick centre

The Renwick Centre contributes to the provision of educational opportunities for children with hearing or vision impairment through four integrated areas of endeavour. These areas are as follows:


The Renwick Centre conducts research related to any aspect of the education of students with hearing or vision impairments. Research undertaken at Renwick falls into 3 broad categories:

  • Projects conducted by members of the academic staff (either individually or in collaboration with other researchers).
  • Projects conducted by Research Fellows under the Japan Australia Friendship Fund (JAFF) scheme.
  • Projects conducted by students undertaking research as part of their degree studies (e.g., MSpecEd (Honours), MPhil, PhD).

Professional Training

The Renwick Centre is committed to the provision of high quality initial and on-going education for professionals engaged in the education of students with sensory disabilities, including students with vision impairment and students who are deaf or hearing impaired. In affiliation with Macquarie University, the Renwick Centre currently delivers the Master of Disability Studies program.

Continuing Education

In addition to "award-bearing" professional training programs, the Renwick Centre is also committed to the provision of high quality continuing professional education. Typically, these programs are independent of award-bearing courses and include seminars and workshops (of varying lengths) conducted by leading national and international experts in the field of education of children with hearing or vision impairment.

However it is possible for "non-award" students to enrol in single courses within award-bearing programs (e.g., the Master of Special Education) as part of the Continuing Professional Education program.

Library and Information Services

The Renwick Centre Library provides an extensive and highly specialised collection of books, periodicals and audio-visual materials in the area of education of children with sensory disabilities. The library has been designed and purpose built to meet the information needs of the Renwick Centre as well as the staff of the RIDBC. Library staff provide a high quality client-centred service to all registered users of this resource centre.