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All degrees offered at the RIDBC Renwick Centre are awards of the University of Newcastle. Balance your work and your studies with RIDBC Renwick Centre's distance education program.

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Postgraduate Degrees

The RIDBC Renwick Centre offers a range of postgraduate coursework and research degrees. Award programs can be tailored to specialise in Sensory Disabilities, Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Blind/Vision Impaired. 

All degrees are awards of the University of Newcastle, Australia. Students enrol through the University and must meet its criteria for admission and progression.

Program descriptions are provided below, together with links to The University of Newcastle e-handbook.

The RIDBC Renwick Centre Handbook details the course, programs and student facilities of the RIDBC Renwick Centre.

Master of Special Education - Specialising in Sensory Disability, Deaf/Hard of Hearing or Blind/Vision Impaired

Admission requirements: 

Bachelor Degree in education/teaching, psychology, disability studies, heath related field or related disciplne, plus 2 years experience working in a relevant field

OR Bachelor Honours Degree in education/teaching, psychology, disability studies, health related field or a related discipline

OR Graduate Certificate in a relevant field

OR Diploma in education/teaching with a minimum of 10 years teaching experience

Course structure: In order to qualify for this award, candidates must complete 80 units of course work in Special Education from a specified range detailed at http://gradschool.edu.au/programs/details/master-special-education-40014

Research higher degrees

You can also study a higher degree by research, in particular a Master of Philosophy or a Doctor of Philosophy:

Master of Philosophy

This research degree is for students who have completed a Bachelors degree in Education or equivalent degree. The degree of Master of Philosophy is awarded for a significant contribution to the field as exemplified by a program of advanced study leading to the submission of a thesis.

Doctor of Philosophy

The Doctor of Philosophy is a highly specialised research degree for students planning a career in research or higher education. The degree is awarded for an original and significant contribution of merit achieved through a program of advanced study as described in a thesis.

More information about research degrees offered through the University of Newcastle.

Distance education

All programs at the RIDBC Renwick Centre are now offered in distance education mode.

The Master of Special Education may be completed through distance education. Courses offered through distance education are delivered through online resources and communication tools and campus conferences.

For successful completion of your program through distance education, access to a computer and the Internet is essential.

The online component may include reading lists, lecture notes, references to web sites, and discussion board activities. Campus conferences may be scheduled for a block of one to five days during a semester.

To view the delivery options for each course, view the RIDBC Renwick Centre Timetable.

Maximum opportunity will be provided during campus conferences for access to support from the RIDBC Renwick Centre Rydge Family Library, RIDBC Renwick Centre Staff, and specialist staff from the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children.