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CPE Calendar of Events

06 March 2014 | Online

This is a series of six online lectures related to all areas of audiology. These sessions can be accessed live and/ or via a recording at a later date. This is the first seminar. This seminar has...

07 March 2014 | Online

In this series of one-hour recorded presentations, Dr. Karen Wolffe introduces listeners to areas of concern in the lives of children and youth with visual impairments that are often overlooked or...

13 March 2014 | Online

This series of webinars focus on the analysis of objective and subjective student performance and learning environment data to inform school support services. The five step process begins with...

10 November 2014 | Victorian Deaf Education Institute

This event has reached capacity.

This day is divided into two sessions: Enhancing the social skills of children with hearing impairment in the primary years and Issues in identity and...

18 November 2014 | Online

This course introduces some essential ingredients for successful therapy and provides some tips for ensuring that therapy sessions reach “the sweet spot”.

Online Modules

This lecture focuses on the incidental or casual learning needs of very young children who cannot easily see the roles that older children and adults around them play out in their daily lives. The

Children receiving bilateral implants have specific needs with regard to clinical management, particularly when the implants are received sequentially in two separate operations. Some of the

Cochlear has an extensive portfolio of resources to support the wider community. This session will introduce participants to new resources that they may find helpful in therapy including, 'My

This lecture is devoted to a discussion of how to facilitate self-advocacy by teaching young people assertive communication skills, problem solving and goal setting skills, and how to self-

This lecture introduces nonvisual techniques and resources for taking care of one’s self (grooming and hygiene) and one’s living space.