Renwick Research Publication

The Renwick Centre conducts research in areas relating to the education of children with sensory disabilities. Research Projects, Publications (Books, Books Chapters, Journal Articles, Conference Addresses) and Editorial Responsibilities for 2013. For publications in the previous year, please browse them using the link on the left.

Current Research Projects (listed alphabetically by first named investigator)

  • Development of adaptive assessment procedures for hearing-impaired children—PhD project (Rebecca BullSupervisor/s: Prof. Greg Leigh and Dr Mridula Sharma).
  • The early communicative environment prior to and following cochlear implants: impact on children’s early communicative and cognitive development (Prof. Edith Bavin, Dr Julia Sarant, Prof. Candy Petersen, Dr Peter Busby, and Prof. Greg Leigh). Research supported by ARC Linkage Grant LP 110100070.
  • Auditory-oral progress of infants in a Deaf family environment: Five parallel case studies, (a) infant-CI, (b) infant-HA, (c) three infant-CODA (Dr Robyn Cantle Moore). Research supported by the WA Foundation for Deaf Children and Deafness Foundation Victoria.
  • Development of the Infant Monitor-Production (IMP) as an evaluation protocol for infants with impaired hearing (Dr Robyn Cantle Moore).
  • Deaf people in colonial Australia: Access to justice, education and employment (Dr Breda Carty and Darlene Thornton).
  • Factors influencing the nature of intervention by itinerant support teachers of deaf and hard of hearing students—PhD project (John Davison-MowleSupervisor/s: Prof. Greg Leigh, Dr Jill Duncan, & A/Prof Michael Arthur-Kelly). Research supported by the Carrie Smith Memorial Fund.
  • Social capital, language, literacy, and quality of life of adolescents who are deaf/hard of hearing and their chronologically-age matched hearing peers: A pilot study (Dr Jill Duncan). Research supported by the WA Foundation for Deaf Children and Deafness Foundation Victoria.
  • Unified English Braille: Developing training programs for families of children with vision impairments and paraprofessionals (Dr Frances Gentle).
  • Paediatric hearing assessment with tele-audiology: An investigation in rural and remote populations (Prof. Greg Leigh, Kim TerHorst, Genelle Cook, Prof. Philip Newall).  Research supported by the HEARing Cooperative Research Centre—Project R4.5.2.
  • The effectiveness of telepractice in delivering specialist early intervention services to deaf and hard of hearing children and their families—PhD project (Melissa McCarthySupervisor/s: Prof. Greg Leigh & Dr Jill Duncan).
  • Survey of Australian health professionals’ knowledge of and attitudes towards newborn hearing screening (Dr Michaela Murray, Prof. Melissa Wake, Prof. Greg Leigh, & Dr Zeffie Poulakis).
  • Assessment of patterns of teacher-student interactions in sign language-inclusive classrooms (Prof. Jemina Napier, Prof. Greg Leigh, Della Goswell, Dr Breda Carty). Research supported by Macquarie University/RIDBC Enterprise partnership Grant.
  • A review of oral support services for people of working age with a hearing loss—MPhil project (Michele NealonSupervisor/s: Prof. Greg Leigh, Prof. Philip Newall, & Prof. William Noble).
  • A comparison of the NAL-NL1 and DSL 5 prescriptive hearing procedures in severely deaf children in Malaysia (Prof. Philip Newall).
  • A review of the Low Cost Hearing Aid project in the Philippines (Prof. Philip Newall).
  • The development of speech testing materials to assess tonal language perception in Mandarin (Prof. Philip Newall).
  • The delivery of cochlear implantation related services in a remote access environment—PhD project—Macquarie University (Colleen Psarros—Supervisor/s: A/Prof Catherine McMahon & Prof. Greg Leigh).
  • Profiling children with vision impairment in Australia (Oz Vizkids): A national register of children with vision impairment (Sue Silveira).Research supported by the West Australian Foundation for Deaf Children.