Horizon Committee

Horizon Committe

The Horizon Committee is a dedicated and successful fundraising committee for the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children. Its members are women from all walks of life and backgrounds who have a common goal to improve the lives of children with a hearing and/or vision impairment, including children with additional disabilities.

RIDBC is able to provide the best possible early intervention and education options for over 1200 children with sensory loss each year with the help of much needed money raised by the Committee.

The Committee began in 1984 when Mrs Colleen Keys and several other Motherhood Quest winners and finalists wished to see the valuable fund raising work for RIDBC continue. Over the past 29 years, friends and associates of these women have also joined or supported the committee.

Mrs Colleen Keys OAM, President of the Committee, and the Horizon Committee members organise and conduct many enjoyable events each year that offer great value for money. Annual functions include the Parliament House Literary Lunch, Horizon Race Day, Oaks Day Luncheon, and Christmas Cocktail Party. The committee also holds special events such as book launches, celebrity guest speaking lunches and art shows.

The Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children is grateful for the contribution the Horizon Committee members have made over the past twenty-nine years through their fundraising efforts and increasing the awareness of RIDBC’s work amongst their supporters.

Colleen Keys, OAM, RIDBC Life Member
Vice President and Hon Secretary Jackie Stamford, RIDBC Life Member
Hon Treasurer Kathy Walker-Shaw, RIDBC Life Member
  Joanne McDonald
Libby Peach
Caroline Grundy
Lisa Tam
Carolyn Cartwright
Tamara Pollak

Contact us for further information:
President Colleen Keys colleenkeys@hotmail.com
Vice President and Secretary Jackie Stamford Jackie.stamford@gmail.com