RIDBC Vision Resources


RIDBC's transdisciplinary team provides specialised educational and therapy services for children who are blind or have significant vision loss, including those with additional disabilities. 

As part of the support provided to children, families and professionals, RIDBC's team of vision loss specialists has developed a range of resources to support children and adults. 

See some of RIDBC's available vision loss recourses below.

ELP VI Family Handbook

Early Learning Program (Vision Impairment) Family Handbook

We have recently released our new Early Learning Program Vision Impairment Family Handbook and we wish to share it with you.
Wherever you are in your journey to support your child with vision impairment – we're here for you.

Our Early Learning Program is available to children from birth until the age of eight who have a known or suspected vision diagnosis. We tailor our support with families and provide resources, knowledge and tools to help them reach their goals. Our expert team of professionals, range of services and clinical expertise deliver our families quality outcomes.

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UEB Online

UEB Online is the world’s first eLearning braille course. This award winning platform is designed to help people who can see support the people in their life that are using braille as a vital part of their communication. Learning Unified English Braille (UEB) code has never been easier with this accessible online platform.

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Australian Childhood Vision Impairment Register

If you are a parent or guardian of a child with vision loss, you are invited to join RIDBC's Australian Childhood Vision Impairment Register. This register aims, for the first time, to identify the total number of children living with significant vision loss in Australia and to determine the most common conditions that cause vision loss. The register also provides a website and forum allowing parents to find information and to contact other parents who have similar experiences and information needs.

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Adaptive Signs App

RIDBC's Adapting Signs app, developed by a team of vision loss and technology specialists, helps children with vision loss and additional needs develop the key signs they need to communicate with their families or carers.

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Discover the Park App

RIDBC's Discover the Park app, set in a typical children’s playground, is a fun iPad app that aims to support children with vision loss to learn to use Apple’s popular VoiceOver software.

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Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) iBook

The primary purpose of this iBook is to provide parents with key information about Cortical Visual Impairment (also known as Cerebral Visual Impairment or CVI). Following information is covered in this book: The Process of Seeing, What is CVI?, Common Characteristics of CVI and a Note about Visual Acuity. This iBook features photos and videos to assist in demonstrating key points. 

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Vision Impairment, Educational Principles and Practice: Some Fundamentals

This is the first monograph in a series of monographs that provide a compendium of perspectives on the broad theme of educational principles and practice in the field of vision impairment in Australia. 

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Early Learning Access Technology Framework

RIDBC's Early Learning Access Technology Framework is a guide to help families and educators support children who are blind or have significant vision to develop technology skills. The framework helps to make learning to use technology enjoyable, meaningful and motivating.

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Assessing the vision of children who have limited formal communication iBook

Assessing the vision of a child with limited formal communication presents a significant challenge as vision tests may require well developed communication, in particular the ability to follow instructions. 

Download the iBook (AUD $4.99)

Understanding Vision Impairment: Vision Impairment and Sign Language iBook

This book provides information for parents and professionals about the use of sign language with children who have vision impairment. There are many sign languages, for example Auslan which is the sign language of the Australian Deaf Community. 

Download the iBook (AUD $4.99)

Understanding Vision Impairment: Near Visual Acuity Simulations iBook

The primary purpose of this book is to assist families and professionals understand near visual acuity. Photographic simulations demonstrate the influence of font size, font type, paper colour, paper finish, and background complexity on visibility.  

Download the iBook (AUD $4.99)

Understanding Vision Impairment: Visual Acuity Simulations iBook

This book provides information for families to develop their understanding of what their child can see. Simulations are used to demonstrate the impact environmental features, such as glare, colour contrast and size, have on what a child can see. The photographs provide an approximate simulation of vision impairment (reduced visual acuity). They do not precisely represent what a child can see.

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Vision Impairment and Picture Symbols for Communication iBook

This booklet provides information for parents and professionals about the visibility of picture symbols used for communication with some children who have vision impairment and additional disabilities. Picture symbols are a commonly used form of communication for children who require Augmentative and Alternative forms of Communication (AAC). 

Download the iBook (AUD $4.99)  Traditional Chinese version  Simplified Chinese Version