Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children
Annual Report 2016

Diversify Investment, Revenue and Funding Streams

Diversifying Investments

RIDBC’s Investment portfolio is diverse, and is invested broadly across a range of managers and asset classes including cash, bonds, equities, infrastructure and property trusts.

RIDBC is a long-term investor and year on year net operating surpluses enable the strengthening of our investment portfolio which helps to secure our future.

Revenue Streams

The introduction of the NDIS has had a profound impact on the security of RIDBC revenue streams.

Government bulk funding is declining as the NDIS rolls out and the scheme imposes considerable demands on individuals, parents and carers to apply for funding to meet the costs of ‘reasonable and necessary’ supports. In 2016, we have observed an inconsistency in NDIS funding package allocations for our clients, despite many of them requiring a similar range of support services to achieve their goals.

NDIS funds are also outcome specific, time constrained and lower in value than traditional bulk funding, which places additional challenges on RIDBC staff to continue to provide the high-quality services and support for which RIDBC is known.

In addition, revenue from our SCIC Cochlear Implant Program is impacted by the current Government freeze on the indexation of Medicare income.

Funding Sources

The diverse sources of funding and philanthropic support RIDBC receives has enabled us to maintain revenue levels in 2016 despite a challenging external environment.

Charitable income generation is a major challenge throughout the not for profit sector, with increased competition and lower household discretionary expenditure year on year.

RIDBC was fortunate to be in a position to offset this downward trend due to the receipt of a significant bequest in 2016. However, we recognise that we cannot continue to rely on major bequest income to offset operational expenditure in the future, due to the uncertainty of this funding stream.

Fundraising Mix – 2016 Revenue

25% Bequests
1% Hunter
17.5% Major Donors
10% Grants
1.5% Community Fundraising
16% Direct Marketing
3% Lantern Clubs
5% Corporate
17% Lottery & Telemarketing
4% Committees & Events

Leverage Assets and Investments for Maximum Return and Re-investment

The financial implications of implementing RIDBC’s 2016-2020 Strategic Plan will continue to be managed carefully as we move from an ‘owned to leased’ strategy for most RIDBC sites.

This includes the sale of RIDBC’s North Parramatta site in 2016, and costs associated with the future sale of our North Rocks site which will occur as part of our planned move to the Macquarie University precinct.

As we progressively fund strategic projects we are also investing in service development, technology and infrastructure projects to support the future growth and sustainability of the organisation.

Noah attends RIDBC Rockie Woofit Preschool
for children with hearing loss

Caption: Noah attends RIDBC Rockie Woofit Preschool for children with hearing loss

Simra Learns Skills for Life

Simra is blind and has a syndrome which causes her to have low muscle tone.

Simra’s journey began with RIDBC when she was just three months old

Caption: Simra’s journey began with RIDBC when she was just three months old

“We’d be lost without RIDBC! The service has been fantastic – so personalised and supportive. The expert early intervention Simra received when she was a baby and the strategies RIDBC has provided our family with over the years have allowed Simra to flourish and be the person she is today,” said Simra’s mum, Fatima.

Simra is now in Year 4 at RIDBC Alice Betteridge School, which caters for students who have a significant sensory impairment as well as a level of intellectual impairment.

“Simra is receiving a tailored education program to give her the skills to develop and meet her vision and developmental needs,” said Simra’s teacher, Jacqueline.

“Her confidence has grown enormously since she started, and this has helped her to develop her language skills and abilities in all areas. She is always listening and has an amazing memory with the ability to retell stories word for word.”

Simra is now bilingual and is learning to walk short distances independently.

“Simra has come such a long way since she started school. She has gone from a non-talker with very little fluency to being bilingual and now speaks Urdu and English!” said Fatima.