Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children
Annual Report 2016

Corporate Governance

Under the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children Act, RIDBC’s Board of Directors is elected by the members of RIDBC from amongst their own number

The Board of Directors

The RIDBC Board of Directors has responsibilities and duties defined under the Act and the By-Laws. These define broadly the processes of control by which the Board and management ensure that RIDBC is achieving its objectives effectively and efficiently, that its financial reporting is properly informative and reliable, that it is setting and reviewing organisational strategy, and that it acts in compliance with all laws and regulations.

The RIDBC Board selects and appoints the Chief Executive, who is accountable to the Board for the performance of RIDBC.

The Board of Directors and Governance

The RIDBC Board of Directors has implemented a number of formal steps in corporate governance. These include an ‘Integrity Statement’, guidelines for the selection of persons to fill casual vacancies on the Board, and a process of performance self-appraisal by Board members.

Integrity Statement

Good governance is essential to maintaining trust between RIDBC and its supporters, funding authorities and the families of students.

RIDBC is a charitable human service organisation. Accordingly, its Board will aim to promote appropriate values and attitudes of service, integrity, financial prudence, consideration of individuals, accountability and personal responsibility.

Criteria for Board membership are determined by eligibility guidelines, largely derived from relevant clauses in the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children Act 1998 and the By-Laws.

Members of the RIDBC Board agree to be bound by this Integrity Statement. New appointees to the Board will be required to agree to be bound by the Integrity Statement. Any member of the Board finding herself/ himself unable to meet or to continue to meet the requirements of the Integrity Statement must offer to resign from the Board.

Members of the Board

Guidelines – Appointments to the Board

Prospective appointees to the Board of Directors must:

Performance Appraisal by Self-Analysis

In order to ensure that the RIDBC Board is constituted so as to properly discharge its duties to the Members, staff and clients of RIDBC, Board Members agree that periodically they will undertake a performance appraisal by selfanalysis.

This requires the completion and signing of a questionnaire, signifying continued agreement to be bound by the requirements of the Integrity Statement. A copy of the questionnaire can be found on RIDBC’s website at

Standing Committees of the Board

Under the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children Act, the Board is empowered to establish such committees as the Board thinks will assist it to exercise its functions. Currently, there are seven Standing Committees as detailed below. Committee membership is reviewed on an annual basis.

Capital Projects Committee
Oversees all but minor capital projects, receiving proposals from the Chief Executive and making recommendations to the Board in relation to proposed projects. Members: David Dinte (Chairman), Graeme Bradshaw, Greg Sedgwick, Peter van Dongen.

Cochlear Implant Committee
Assists the Operational Services Committee in its governance responsibilities. The Committee will review and endorse SCIC Cochlear Implant Program strategic plan. Members: A/Prof Catherine Birman (Chairman), Roger Gee, Barbara Stone.

Finance, Audit & Risk Committee
Reviews the accounting policies of RIDBC, the provision of financial information, and the policy on risk management. The Committee receives and reviews the annual budgets and financial statements prior to their consideration by the RIDBC Board. Members: Peter van Dongen (Chairman), A/Prof Catherine Birman, Barbara Stone.

Fundraising Committee
Receives and considers plans and progress reports in relation to RIDBC’s community relations and fundraising activities. The Committee reviews the annual Operational Plan for Community Relations and Fundraising. Members: Graeme Bradshaw (Chairman), Roger Gee, Greg Sedgwick.

Investment Committee
Reviews RIDBC’s investment policies and practices to ensure they are and remain appropriate to RIDBC’s needs. Members: Sean Wareing (Chairman), David Dinte, Greg Sedgwick, Peter van Dongen.

Nominations & Governance Committee
Develops and maintains guidelines to apprise prospective Board Members of the Board’s expectations of its members, and advises the RIDBC Board on the selection and recruitment of persons to fill vacancies on the Board. Members: Sean Wareing (Chairman), David Dinte, Barbara Stone.

Operational Services Committee
Receives and considers proposals that relate to the establishment of new programs or services, or to significant changes or the discontinuation of existing programs or services. The Committee reviews the annual Operational Plan for Services. Members: Barbara Stone (Chairman), A/Prof Catherine Birman, Roger Gee.