Client Rights

RIDBC Rights for our Clients

Translated Versions: Simplified Chinese - Arabic - Vietnamese

At RIDBC our Clients have the right to:

be treated with
respect and courtesy
stay informed
and be consulted
have a say in decisions
made about your care
and make informed choice
receive quality services
receive information in
alternate formats on the
same basis as their peers
expect privacy and
confidentiality and access to
all personal information held
have another person of your choice support you and advocate (speak
up for you) on your behalf
have comments and
feedback valued
to make a confidential
complaint if you are not
happy with the services
you receive
be supported through your
journey with RIDBC


United Nations Convention to the Right of Persons with Disabilities (2006)

  • Equality before the law without discrimination
  • Make their own decision
  • Have their family life respected
  • Freedom from exploitation, violence and abuse
  • An inclusive education
  • A decent standard of living
  • Support to participate in society and live in the community
  • Accessible physical environments and information