Early Learning Program - Vision Impairment

RIDBC Early Learning Program (Vision Impairment) provides a specialised early childhood educational and therapy program for parents of children who are blind or who have significant vision impairment, including children with additional disabilities. 

Features of the RIDBC Early Learning Program

•   Assessment and planning
•   Individual and group sessions
•   Seminars and workshops for families
•   Orthoptist, Access Technology Consultant and Speech Pathologist
•   Braille tuition
•   Low vision aids
•   Access technology
•   Alternative format resources
•   Community preschool support

Where are services located?

Services are provided in conveinient locations across Australia; in the local community; in the home; or through high quality video conferencing technology.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

RIDBC is a registered provider with the NDIS. Find out more about the support that is available.

How do you apply?

A medical referral is not required but documentation of the child’s vision impairment is required.  For further information call (02) 9872 0316.


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