Early Intervention Services

Early Intervention
The diagnosis of a baby or young child with hearing or vision impairment is often unexpected. It can be a confusing time and you may have many questions, including:
  • why does my child have hearing or vision impairment?
  • what extra help might my child need?
  • how will my child manage in the future?

We can answer your questions and provide support during your child’s early years.

Personalised Service

A hearing or vision impairment creates specific challenges for a child as they develop and learn.
We’ll work with you to develop an individual program for your child so they can learn and develop the skills they need to flourish in their early years and make a smooth transition to school life.
We offer specialist hearing and vision support to your child's local preschool so your child can participate in the preschool program.

Our Holistic Approach

Our services include the whole family. We educate and support all members of your family and teach skills that are useful at home and in the broader local community.
We work through each stage of your child’s development, including listening, language, cognitive, gross and fine motor skills and play development.

A Range of Options

We help your child reach their potential with support depending on their individual needs, such as:
  • concept development
  • early exploration
  • social and play skills
  • independence in self-care
  • spoken and written English language
  • Auslan (Australian Sign Language)
  • cochlear implant, where appropriate (our Cochlear Implant Program supports you from assessment to surgery,switch-on, mapping and ongoing audiology support)
  • a combination of communication systems
  • early braille literacy
  • optimising functional use of residual vision
  • gross motor skills and eye-hand coordination
  • low vision aid training


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