For some people, hearing aids are not enough


A range of options

Whether you’re just starting to have concerns about your hearing or you’re a person who has significant hearing impairment, it’s never too late to explore your options

RIDBC offers support to people of all ages (from newborn to nineties) with a hearing impairment

We’ll work with you to improve your ability to communicate, either through the assistance of a hearing device, Auslan (Australian Sign Language) or a combination of communication methods

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Our specialist team

Our team of specialist staff, including audiologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and psychologists, can work with you to understand your needs, make an assessment and outline your options.


Why hearing aids can't help everybody

Hearing aids can help a lot of people with hearing loss, however they can’t help everyone.


Degree of hearing loss and typical treatments

With some types of hearing loss, sounds can also be muffled or garbled. This type of hearing loss can make it difficult to interpret the meaning of speech and sounds.
Another option available is a cochlear implant. Unlike hearing aids, cochlear implants don’t just make sounds louder, they stimulate the hearing nerves directly to provide access to sound.

Common questions about cochlear implants

Is a cochlear implant right for me?
If you are struggling to hear in crowded places, find it difficult to hear on the phone or cannot hear children’s voices clearly, then a cochlear implant could be a solution for you.
How much does this cost?
Both public and private health funding is available. The supporting audiology services we provide are bulk-billed through Medicare. We are a charity and not-for-profit service, and can explore all your available funding options with you.
Am I too old?
You are never too old for a cochlear implant. We have had successful outcomes for people in their nineties.
How proven is the technology?
Cochlear implants are designed to last a lifetime and the external processors are easily upgradable. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are using cochlear implants.

Your hearing journey to a cochlear implant



Talk to our team to take the next step

We’re here to help people like you who are seeking information about their hearing options. If you have more questions, or would like to discuss booking an appointment for a hearing assessment.


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