Four RIDBC staff facilitated sessions during the conference which was attended by 150 delegates

RIDBC staff and Renwick Centre graduates showcased their expertise at last month’s South Pacific Educators in Vision Impairment (SPEVI) Conference in Adelaide.

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A year after receiving his second implant, Alan hasn’t looked back.

He’s engaging. He's funny. And he’d like to share his story with you.

Coronavirus advice

You will no doubt have heard news about the outbreak of the Coronavirus in China, including current reports of five confirmed cases in Australia. Most reported cases have been people who have been in Wuhan, China.

RIDBC encourages our clients and staff to read and follow the advice from the Commonwealth Department of Health regarding the Coronavirus. This advice can be found by clicking on the Department of Health link here.

Cathy now hears the world around her — an experience she describes as amazing.

As most of us wind down as the year ends, Cathy and her husband Keith are just getting started. The Blacktown couple are Santa and Mrs Claus at a host of Western Sydney venues — from pre-schools to shopping centres and in their own home where it all began.

RIDBC Volunteers

This International Volunteer Day we say thanks to the fantastic volunteers who give so much of their time and expertise so that RIDBC can do more for those who need us.

This year’s theme is “Volunteer for an inclusive future”, an inspiring and relevant message for our volunteers. In 2019 we had 160 volunteers who dedicate their talents and time to support RIDBC. To our volunteers, thank you.

The one thing all outreach visits have in common is they are improving the ear health amongst indigenous children.

The team at the RIDBC Jim Patrick Audiology Centre have been attending outreach programs to various parts of the state for over 16 years.