cochlear implants have allowed Barbara to hear better and be part of what’s going on

Despite having a hearing loss from birth, Barb Haynes' hearing loss went undiagnosed for the first five years of her life, and her difficulty with speech was attributed to her being 'a quiet child.'

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Brad with one of his daughters

In his late twenties, Brad Hiscock was living the dream of many young Australians; living and working in London. Working at iconic retailer, Harrod's, Brad recalls London fondly, as a time when he socialised often and enjoyed a carefree life.

Dianne's cochlear implant has made such a huge difference to her life

Recently retired, Dianne McGowan has had a long career working to achieve something close to her heart – equal employment opportunity for women with a disability. In 2018, Dianne was nominated for the Lesley Hall Lifetime Achievement Award at the inaugural National Awards for Disability Leadership.

Arlo's switch on moment was fantastic for the family

For children with hearing loss, early intervention is crucial to speech development, and for two-year-old Arlo Gleeson, access to a local service in her home town of Port Macquarie has her shining.

Oliver with his mum, Melissa

11-Year-Old Oliver is preparing for his transition to high school, with support from RIDBC Teleschool, Braille Camp, and the Adaptive Technology Team. Oliver, a talented musician and athlete, won’t be held back by his vision impairment. He has a winning team on his side, with support from his amazing mum, Melissa, who has a Master of Special Education from RIDBC Renwick Centre.

RIDBC Braille Camp wouldn’t be possible without the generous and continued support from Hyundai Help for Kids

“It is the highlight of the year!” That is how Tricia d’Apice, RIDBC Coordinator for Remote Services Vision Impairment describes the experience of planning, organising and facilitating the intensive, residential and educational Braille Camp.