2012 Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf (ITOD) Conference

2012 Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf (ITOD) Conference

135 Teachers of the Deaf from around the State came to RIDBC Renwick Centre for the 2012 Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf (ITOD) Conference this month.

The theme of the day was ‘Connecting with a new generation of learners’ – talking about developments in best practice and technology for teaching students who are deaf or have hearing loss.

“While technology has made an extraordinary difference to the way we all live our lives, for children with hearing loss modern technology is critical,” said RIDBC Chief Executive, Chris Rehn.

“Along with access to this technology, early diagnosis, quality intervention and a devoted family, children will best succeed when they receive immediate support from appropriately trained and specialist teachers and professionals. That is why the 2012 ITOD Conference is so important – it forms an important part of the education puzzle that will help to give these students the best possible start in life.”

RIDBC Renwick Centre is Australia’s premier provider of continuing professional education (CPE) for teachers and a wide range of associated professionals working in the field of sensory disability.

“Over the last 20 years, the knowledge and skill base required of professionals working with students with hearing loss has increased dramatically. With improved technologies and improved understanding of intervention strategies there is more to know about working with deaf and hearing impaired children than at any point in the history of the field,” said RIDBC Renwick Centre Director, Professor Greg Leigh.

“However over this same period, there has been a relaxation in some areas of the requirements for teachers of deaf children to hold appropriate levels of training and therefore appropriate expertise. It was in the context of this diminishing provision of professional training and research initiatives that the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children and The University of Newcastle resolved to create the RIDBC Renwick Centre as a centre for professional training and research.”

RIDBC Renwick Centre, in affiliation with The University of Newcastle is now the only Australian provider of comprehensive higher degree programs in the area of special education for children who are deaf and children who are blind.

RIDBC is Australia’s largest provider of services for children with hearing or vision loss, assisting thousands of children a year across Australia.  As Australia’s premier provider of training and education for professionals in the field of sensory disability, RIDBC ensures that services delivered throughout government and non-government organisations remains cutting-edge.

RIDBC relies heavily on fundraising and community support to be able to continue to make a difference in children's lives.  In order to maintain its intensive educational and research programs, the organisation needs to raise approximately $2.5 million every month.