All the fun of Hi-5 for Deaf students

Students from RIDBC enjoyed meeting the cast of Hi-5Students from RIDBC enjoyed meeting the cast of Hi-5

Recently, Deaf students from RIDBC were treated to a special Australian Sign Language (Auslan) interpreted performance of Hi-5's House of Dreams tour.

The children attend RIDBC Thomas Pattison School and RIDBC Roberta Reid Preschool, both of which are designed to meet the needs of students who are Deaf. The schools provide bilingual programs where students access the curriculum through Auslan and English.

The idea for the interpreted performance came about when RIDBC students had the opportunity to see Hi-5 at their local shopping centre. As part of the visit, RIDBC Thomas Pattison School teacher, Lou de Beuzeville, was invited up with Stevie, Dayen, Mary, Tanika and Ainsley so that she could interpret the performance for the RIDBC students.

"We saw an opportunity to incorporate more Auslan into our show, and wanted to share that experience with more of the students from RIDBC – so we've invited Lou and the RIDBC students back to be part of the first performance of our new House of Dreams tour!" says Dayen.

The Hi-5 House of Dreams tour gives audiences an invitation to the most exciting “slumber party” ever! There’s not much sleeping but lots of singing and dancing and adventure when our favourite puppet Chats takes control of the Hi-5’s dreams and makes their dreams come true!

“I was thrilled to join the Hi-5 crew for this special performance," said Lou. "It was such an important opportunity for our students, who often miss out on events such as this because of a lack of accessibility.

"Our students love Hi-5 as much as any other child but to fully participate in such a fun event, they need access to interpreters. It’s was great initiative by Hi-5, I wish there were more opportunities like this out there for our students to enjoy. It was a great experience to help our kids access the show, and I think I managed to keep up with the Hi-5 gang!" 

The Hi-5 House of Dreams tour runs from June 28 to July 15, visiting Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne.  Hi-5 House of Dreams is a whimsical trip into a fantasy adventure where you can catch your favourite Hi-5 songs – Underwater Discovery, Move your Body, It’s a Party and Living in a Rainbow and plenty of new songs with the Hi-5 gang.

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