Backyard bugs come to life in the classroom

Children at RIDBC VisionEd Preschool had a wonderful introduction to Backyard Bugs!

Students at Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) VisionEd Preschool recently enjoyed a wonderful introduction to backyard bugs, when Rangers on the Run paid a visit.

“This interactive educational show was a wonderful tactile experience for our students,” said Kathryn Bowie, Director, VisionEd Preschool.

“The children were encouraged to hold and to touch each of the different bugs while learning about where they live, how they survive, and the important role they play in the environment.

"For children with vision loss, this type of hands on experience assists in concept development and through tactile investigation the child can better understand the texture, size, and shapes of the different bugs.

"The children also had lots of fun dressing up in costumes, further developing their understanding of the different features of each bug.”

RIDBC VisionEd Preschool is a reverse integration preschool which has been set up to cater for the needs of a child with vision loss. Children from the community also attend, effectively creating a typical mainstream preschool environment with a highly specialised program for children with vision loss.

To find out more about RIDBC's full range of programs for children with vision or hearing loss, go to or call 1300 581 391.