Bill is learning language

Bill and his mother, Louise, work to develop his concentrated listening and language skills with RIDBC Director, Educational Services, Melissa McCarthy

Bill, who is four years old and has hearing loss, is enrolled in RIDBC Early Learning Program (Hearing Impairment). This service has continued supporting his family through a move interstate to give Bill the best start in life. 

Bill was born 13 weeks premature and spent the first 11 weeks of his life in intensive care.

“We learned about his hearing loss at the hospital and it was difficult. We just didn’t know what the diagnosis would mean,” said Bill’s mum, Louise.

“I enrolled him with RIDBC because if he needed a specialist school or access to an Auslan program, he could get that through RIDBC. As it turns out, Bill’s speech and language has really come along with his two hearing aids.”

The family now lives in Queensland and is continuing to access RIDBC’s services from their home using the latest, high-quality videoconferencing technology.

“With so many things changing it was so fantastic to be able to give Bill continuity with RIDBC,” said Louise.

RIDBC Consultant, Lynne Richards, is working on developing Bill’s speech, language, listening and concentration skills as it can be exhausting for a child with hearing loss to concentrate on listening all day.

“Bill enrolled in our program as a baby, and this early intensive therapy has given him the best start,” said Lynne.

“We always combine concentrated listening and language activities with a physical activity – it keeps Bill engaged and allows him to develop language through play. As Bill loves dinosaurs, we’ll use them in a game about following complex directions. I’ll ask him to move them ‘over the pond, around the pond and in between trees.’”

Louise is thankful for the support she has received from RIDBC.

“The reassurance we have gained from RIDBC’s expert guidance is invaluable,” said Louise. “Even my friends are taking on board some of the skills I have learned through RIDBC, using them with their own kids!

“I am now totally confident about Bill’s future. He will be a success in whatever he chooses to do and his hearing loss will not be a barrier to learning.”