Cochlear Asia Pacific joins with RIDBC to deliver ‘HOPE’ to students around the world

Cochlear Asia Pacific Clinical Educator, Margaret Uriarte, and RIDBC Renwick Centre Coordinator, Trudy Smith.

For the first time, Cochlear Asia Pacific has partnered with the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children’s (RIDBC) Renwick Centre to run a series of six ‘HOPE’ lectures.

The seminars cater for Audiologists, Teachers of the Deaf, Speech Therapists and families from around the world, offering participants the opportunity to hear from world-leading researchers at no cost.

“We are thrilled to be involved with this launch,” said RIDBC Renwick Centre Coordinator Continuing Professional Education, Trudy Smith.

“The HOPE series is designed to focus on improving outcomes for – or bringing ‘hope’ to - individuals with hearing loss. The calendar offers a series of free one-hour educational seminars given by internationally known experts on a range of topics relating to the (re)habilitation and educational needs of children, teens, and adults who use cochlear implants or bone-anchored hearing aids.”

Cochlear is a proud partner of RIDBC Renwick Centre for this series.

“Cochlear are delighted to collaborate with RIDBC Renwick Centre in delivering 6 HOPE online seminars that, through the integration of cutting edge technology, will simultaneously provide Auslan interpreting, same time captioning and presentation view,” said Global Rehabilitation Manager Cochlear Asia Pacific, Andrew Kendrick.

“Over the past couple of years, RIDBC Renwick Centre has delivered a professional development program which is an exemplary, far reaching resource. Cochlear has co-sponsored several international speakers for these fantastic events and we are pleased to be able to continue this relationship with this new lecture series.”

In February 2013, 95 attendees from countries including Australia, China, India, the United States of America, New Zealand and Korea, logged into the first lecture, Basics of Classroom Acoustics. The presenter, Dr Cheryl DeConde-Johnson, investigated the role of poor classroom acoustics in developing an invisible barrier to learning for students, particularly those with hearing loss, auditory processing deficits, or attention problems.

RIDBC Renwick Centre is offering five more events in the HOPE series seminars. Another highlight of this year’s CPE calendar will be a tour with Dr Christina Perigoe, who will present in Christchurch, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Kuala Lumpur in November and December, 2013.

The lectures are also using world-first access technology to allow participants to view a video of the presenter, a PowerPoint presentation, real time captioning and real time Australian Sign Language (Auslan) interpreting – all on the one screen. This is the first time that a Cochlear HOPE lecture has offered this level of accessibility.

“Web based conferences provide access to continuing professional education (CPE) opportunities for people from around the world and it is paramount that they are accessible for those with a vision or hearing loss,” said RIDBC Renwick Centre Coordinator Continuing Professional Education, Trudy Smith.

“At RIDBC we have been working hard to achieve universal access for those with hearing loss, and this technology will allow us to do that.”

RIDBC Renwick Centre operates in affiliation with the University of Newcastle with all degrees being awarded by the University. The Centre is the largest provider of postgraduate education programs in the field of the education of children with a sensory disability in Australia, and is among the largest and most widely recognised in the field across the world.

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