Daniel to represent RIDBC in State Championships

Daniel skiingDaniel will represent RIDBC Garfield Barwick School at the NSW Skiing Championships

Daniel is set to represent the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children’s (RIDBC) Garfield Barwick School in the NSW State Championships for skiing at Perisher, 27 August.

Daniel earned a place in the State Championships when he was successful in the Alpine Skiing division of the NSW Northern Regions Interschool competition.

Daniel, who is ten years old and in year four at RIDBC Garfield Barwick School, was diagnosed with profound hearing loss after a similar loss was picked up in one of his siblings.

“Now that Daniel has two Cochlear implants he is blossoming,” said Daniel’s mother, Claudia Romano. “The support RIDBC has given Daniel has also gone a long way to boosting his confidence.”

“Daniel now has a real ‘get out there and do it’ attitude which saw him start on the slopes when he was six years old. Initially there were some problems when he was skiing because the ‘whooshing’ sound in his Cochlear meant that he had to turn it off. We had to find new ways for the instructors to teach him.

“We explained to the instructors that they needed to use more movement in their lessons. They would ski in front of Daniel and have him mimic their movements. Along with a few extra lessons from his Dad, Ron, that’s how he learnt to ski!”

If Daniel is successful at the NSW State Championships he will represent RIDBC Garfield Barwick School in the Australian Championships in Victoria this year.

“Daniel is really sporty and RIDBC Garfield Barwick School has always been extremely supportive of him. When he swam in the State Swimming Championships his whole class turned up to cheer him on.

“It’s that sort of support that is seeing Daniel go from strength to strength. Everyone is really excited about this latest success – and so is Daniel.”

The Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children is Australia’s largest independent special educator, assisting over 3000 children with significant hearing and/or vision impairment and their families across Australia.

RIDBC Garfield Barwick School students, who are deaf or hearing impaired, are learning to listen and speak with the aid of cochlear implants or hearing aids.

The School has an intensive language focus and students attend mainstream partner schools each week. All students are integrated into a mainstream school environment by fifth grade.