A dedicated family and expert assistance giving Amelia the best start

Amelia with her dad Nigel.Amelia's parents travel to Sydney once a month to learn how they can best support Amelia at home.

Nigel took up the challenge for charity, running for RIDBC in the Canberra Times Australian Running Festival. He wanted to support the organisation that is helping his daughter, Amelia, who has vision loss.

When Nigel and Jennifer moved to Australia from the UK with their 3 month old daughter, Amelia, it became clear she wasn’t developing at the same rate as other children.

“We live in Canberra and when Amelia was diagnosed with vision loss we were referred to RIDBC in Sydney as there were no similar services in the ACT,” said Nigel.

Amelia is now two years old and accessing RIDBC Early Learning Program (Vision Impairment), which provides specialised early childhood education and therapy to children who are blind or have vision loss.

“Amelia is beginning to use her hands to explore tactile books,” said RIDBC Therapist, Lynita Chin. “While Amelia has severe vision loss, she does have some usable vision, so we are encouraging her to reach towards objects that she sees. Using a combination of sight and touch will help her develop a better concept of the world around her.”

Nigel says his whole family is learning from RIDBC.

“RIDBC is amazing. We travel to Sydney each month for in-person sessions and these are really intensive, and very much focused on Amelia. However, when Jen and I get home we continue to contact Lynita when we need her, and that is critical as we are continually learning how we can best support Amelia’s development, day to day,” said Nigel.

“When I realised I could fundraise by running in the Canberra Times Australian Running Festival I knew I would support RIDBC. I feel really lucky to have been able to find the service – I know RIDBC will help my whole family develop the skills we need to give Amelia the best chance at being independent in the future.”