Jess is running through the finish line

 Jess is on Team RIDBC as the Client Ambassador for the 2019 Coleman Greig Challenge Jess is on Team RIDBC as the Client Ambassador for the 2019 Coleman Greig Challenge

Jess Waters loves to run. In between her commitments as a sports coach, personal trainer, university student, and football player you’ll find her on the pavement training for the next event. Thankfully for us, Jess is on Team RIDBC as the Client Ambassador for the 2019 Coleman Greig Challenge on Friday 20 September.

Jess’ CV is an impressive one. The 23-year old is currently studying a Doctorate of Physiotherapy at Macquarie University and a Bachelor of Nutrition, online, at La Trobe University. This comes after recently graduating with a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science and Bachelor of International Studies whereby she spent 12 months studying in France.

Outside of study, Jess coaches a variety of sports at Tara Anglican School for Girls in Parramatta, where she was a former student. “In addition to coaching I specialise in personal training for individual students and staff” she says. Jess is also an athlete herself, playing football and AFL.

Her interests and experience make her well and truly qualified for the role of RIDBC Client Ambassador. She is looking forward to the challenge. This is the second year running Jess will fulfil the role, one she is delighted to have been offered.

“I’m honoured to be the RIDBC Client Ambassador in 2019. As a recipient of the services [of RIDBC] I have seen first-hand the support provided to children and their families” Jess says. “To be involved in a fun and active event that fundraises to support children is fantastic”.

Jessica in front of Garfield Barwick School studentsJess was born with profound to severe hearing loss which went undiagnosed until she was two-and-a-half years old. It was at this point the relationship between Jess Waters and RIDBC started, attending Rockie Woofit Preschool (1998-2000) and Garfield Barwick School (2001-2004).

Jess transitioned to her partner school (Tara Anglican) in year 3. “Through RIDBC, I was able to gain the confidence I needed to attend a mainstream school”, she says.

An effective relationship between the two schools was instrumental for Jess to succeed. “My teachers were appropriately informed as to how to support a student with a hearing impairment”. Jess emphasises the continuity of study at Tara Anglican (being a K-12 school) benefited her greatly in the form of the friendships she could create and maintain.

Throughout the remainder of her schooling she received RIDBC School Support from several people, all of whom greatly assisted her. Of her School Support Teacher, Tim, Jess says “His support was instrumental and helped me in my [Higher School Certificate] studies and prepared me for university and the workforce”.

“I am still in touch with many of the staff at Rockie Woofit and GBS [Garfield Barwick School]. They have had such a positive impact on my life” Jess recalls. Up until recently she also volunteered her time at Garfield Barwick School however, with a demanding schedule, was unable to continue.

The future is bright for Jess. After graduating she would like to travel the world as a physiotherapist to para-athletes, including at the Paralympic Games. For now, she is in the middle of training and will be leading the way for Team RIDBC as she lines up for the 10km run come mid-September.

“I’d encourage you to sign up for Team RIDBC – you can walk, cycle or run. It is for all levels of fitness and about having fun and giving it a go. I look forward to seeing you there.”


How to join Team RIDBC for the Coleman Greig Challenge

  1. Visit
  2. Search for ‘Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children’
  3. After registering yourself use the code ‘RIDBC19’ to join the team
  4. Promote your involvement and raise vital funds for RIDBC, and the other charity partners.


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