Mum’s the word for Mother’s Day morning tea!

Aker with her son, Makuei, at RIDBC Rockie Woofit Preschool's Mother's Day celebrations

Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) Rockie Woofit Preschool held an early Mother’s Day celebration earlier this week, with a morning tea for mums.

RIDBC Rockie Woofit Preschool was purpose built to cater for the needs of children with hearing loss. The preschool operates on a reverse integration model, where children from the local community who have typical hearing also attend and are excellent language and learning models for their peers.

The morning was an opportunity for mothers to meet and spend time with other parents.

“We put on a morning tea as a way of celebrating mums and how special they are to us,” said RIDBC Rockie Woofit Preschool Director, Julie Kaney.

“Children with hearing loss get the best possible start in life when they get early access to three things – the right technology, a dedicated family and specialist early intervention. Families of children with hearing loss often face many challenges so Mother’s Day really is a great opportunity to acknowledge all the hard work of our mums!”

The children enjoyed showing off the preschool to their mums.

“The mums had a fun time socialising with each other and were able to spend some time playing with their children before they gave out their lovely handmade presents,” said Julie.