New resources for parents and educators of vision impaired students

Child reading brailleLatest innovations and resources for parents and educators of students with a vision impairment

Making maths more accessible for students with a vision impairment

Following the global success of UEB Online, the first e-learning braille course for sighted parents and professionals, UEB Mathematics launched in May 2019. Designed by a team from RIDBC Renwick Centre led by Dr Frances Gentle, the program helps educators and parents to support children with a vision impairment to learn mathematics in braille code.  

Dr Gentle and her team are hopeful that UEB Mathematics will increase the number of people with a vision impairment working in STEM careers, both here in Australia and across the globe.

UEB Mathematics offers free courses, with a paid certification option for professionals at

Helping parents and children learn braille together

dAp Dots is a set of resources that allow parents/guardians to learn the Braille code simultaneously with their Braille reading children. Content intended for sighted parents/guardians is printed in different colours and will not be raised and felt by anyone reading the Braille sections. It is named after its creator, Tricia d’Apice, a Senior Consultant and Teacher of Vision Impairment at RIDBC. Tricia’s research into Braille literacy highlighted a gap with younger children learning braille. 

dAp Dots, set to launch in late June, will be available to buy as digital files (to download). The files can be used to produce your own embossed or swell paper versions. To register your interest and to be notified when the resources are available please click here.

New insights for parents and educators on inclusive education  

In the 1990's, Australian Textbook, Towards Excellence, was a key text on the subject of educational experiences for vision impaired students, and while some of the work still rings true, the culture and context has changed. 

Dr Sue Silveira, a research fellow at RIDBC Renwick Centre, set out with her co-editors and authors to update these materials, bringing together papers from Australian leaders and pioneers in the field of vision into a 2-part monograph series. 

Featuring papers by many familiar Renwick faces, including Sue herself, Dr Frances Gentle, and Dr Desiree Galliano, the second monograph will be released this month. It gives an Australian context and expert opinions on a range of topics, including educational experiences, school transitions and understanding clinical reporting. 

Designed to help parents, specialist educators and mainstream teachers alike, the monographs will be available for purchase from 14 June 2019 here

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