Newington Preparatory School donates Woolworths points to RIDBC

Newington Preparatory School students visited RIDBC Garfield Barwick School to donate their Woolworths Earn & Learn points

On Friday 19 July three students from Newington Preparatory School, Lindfield, visited the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) in North Parramatta to donate their school’s Woolworths Earn & Learn points.

The students donated the points, used to redeem educational items, to RIDBC Garfield Barwick School which caters for students from Kindergarten to Year 6 who have hearing loss and who are learning to listen and speak with the assistance of hearing aids or cochlear implants. The school aims to gradually transition students into a mainstream environment by Year Six, after which some students continue to receive support from RIDBC School Support Service.

“We are so grateful for this support,” said RIDBC Garfield Barwick School Principal, Sandi Ambler. 

“As a charity RIDBC relies on assistance from the community to continue to provide our life changing programs, and initiatives like this really make a difference to the school community.

“Last year we collected around 3000 points from the program but this year, with the support from Newington’s students, we have collect 8640 points! We are hoping to redeem those for art and craft resources and musical equipment for the school.”

Head of Lindfield Preparatory School, Chris Wyatt, visited RIDBC Garfield Barwick School with his students to allow them to present the points during the school’s assembly.

“We decided on giving the stickers to RIDBC Garfield Barwick School due to the connection we have had with RIDBC,” said Chris.

“Over the last few years we have had a number of students with hearing impairment come to our school who were supported by the staff at RIDBC through the RIDBC School Support Service. As a school we are very well resourced, so we decided it would be good to support another school community through this fundraising effort. RIDBC Garfield Barwick seemed an obvious choice.

“Our boys were extremely inspired and excited by their visit to the school and thrilled to have received the thank you card from the students.”

RIDBC assists over 3000 children with significant hearing or vision loss, and their families, across Australia.