RIDBC Liverpool is now open!

RIDBC Liverpool is now providing services to families in Sydney's South West

Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) recently launched RIDBC Liverpool to provide local services to children with hearing or vision loss in Sydney’s South-West.

Many families in the area are now accessing RIDBC’s localised services.

“RIDBC is focused on providing community relevant services in highly accessible locations, responsive to demonstrated need,” said RIDBC Chief Executive, Chris Rehn. “With the number of children already accessing RIDBC’s service in Sydney’s South-West, this new centre is sure to be a success.”

RIDBC is committed to increasing its accessibility to families around Australia.

“We are establishing smaller, defined, purpose-built sites in order to deliver a range of services, including; our telepractice service, cochlear implant program, early learning programs, diagnostic and assessment services,” said Mr Rehn.

“Throughout 2013 - and now in 2014 - RIDBC has seen service accessibility significantly enhanced through the opening of localised sites like Liverpool. We have also made a significant investment in state of the art videoconferencing and related technologies which we are rolling out to regional and remote areas of Australia.

“Our physical and virtual sites all focus on community relevance, community support and ease of access, enabling RIDBC to provide services that are often unique to a geographical area.”

Children with hearing or vision loss require consistent, quality, early intervention to achieve the best outcomes.

“RIDBC has been making its services ever more transdisciplinary and integrated, so as to meet the needs of families. Whilst we do provide individual therapy sessions, best outcomes are often achieved when these are integrated with other educational and clinical programs,” said Mr Rehn.

Services offered at RIDBC Liverpool include; transdisciplinary, family-centred early intervention programs; a combination of individualised and group programs; assessment and planning services, including orthoptic, audiological and psychological assessments and consultations; RIDBC Cochlear Implant Program; telepractice sessions; and specialist therapy services such as occupational therapy and speech pathology.

“With the growth of this centre we also hope to strengthen networks between families, with the introduction of playgroups, coffee mornings, information and training sessions,” said Mr Rehn.

The acquisition and development of RIDBC Liverpool was made possible with the support of three grants, together valued at $150,000.