RIDBC welcomes the Australian Hearing Hub

A look inside the new playroom at RIDBC Australian Hearing Hub centre

The Australian Hearing Hub at Macquarie University has officially opened. An initiative of Macquarie University, the Hub brings RIDBC together with the country’s best hearing and allied health organisations.

The Australian Hearing Hub is a is a world first independent research facility inspired by the interdisciplinary working environment of the University.

RIDBC Chief Executive, Chris Rehn, said that the research and collaboration enabled through the facility will assist the next generation of children with hearing loss to reach their potential.

“Australia is truly at the forefront of research into hearing loss and associated technologies, and also early diagnosis and early intervention, which are crucial to success. The focus on collaboration at the Australian Hearing Hub will lead to further improvements in service delivery, research and technologies for people with hearing loss,” said Mr Rehn.

A three day conference coincided with the opening of the Hearing Hub, bringing together the best researchers and  educators in the field of deafness in Australia. With RIDBC Renwick Centre Director, Conjoint Professor Greg Leigh as a keynote speaker and presentations by other RIDBC staff members, RIDBC’s leadership in the field was well demonstrated.

“RIDBC is Australia’s largest provider of postgraduate training and professional education in the field of sensory disabilities and are pleased to be able to share the knowledge we have in this field,” said Mr Rehn.

The Federal Government estimates that ten million Australians will have some level of hearing loss by 2050. With approximately one quarter of the population likely to be affected, the impact on Australian society, its economy, and its support services will be immense.

The Australian Hearing Hub offers state-of-the-art facilities to more than 2000 professionals from some of the country’s best hearing and allied health organisations, together with staff, students and researchers from Macquarie and other leading research universities.

The Australian Hearing Hub is an initiative of the Australian Government which was developed through the Education Investment Fund.

You can visit hearinghub.edu.au  to find out more about RIDBC’s involvement and the other partner organisations.