Student with vision loss succeeds with specialised support

RIDBC has recognised Aydan for academic achievement in the HSC.RIDBC has recognised Aydan for academic achievement in the HSC.

Aydan has been awarded a medal of excellence by Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) for his academic achievement in the Higher School Certificate (HSC).

Aydan has low vision. He attended The Hills Grammar School and received in-school support from RIDBC School Support Service. This service brings RIDBC support teachers into the school to assist in ensuring that students with vision or hearing loss receive in-class assistance and strategies for accessing the curriculum.

Now in his first year of a Bachelor of Business and Commerce / Bachelor of Laws at University of Western Sydney, Aydan is planning pursue law after his graduation.

“My RIDBC support teacher, Brian, was fantastic. He would come in each week and that made it really comfortable. He would always check in to make sure that I had everything that I needed, and would always follow up quickly with teachers if there was an issue,” said Aydan. “Knowing that the support was there when I needed it was definitely the best thing.

“I’m now really enjoying uni abd an doing very well, with several distinctions to date. Although I was shocked by the number of hours of reading you have to do! I definitely want to become a lawyer, but I’m working on including some music subjects so that I can keep going with my love of playing flamenco guitar!”

Aydan’s RIDBC School Support Teacher, Brian Conway, assisted Aydan with specialist vision support and technology.

“As a school support teacher I work jointly with the student and the school teaching staff to ensure that everyone has the necessary skills and knowledge to give a student with low vision full access to the curriculum,” said Brian.

“Aydan was very diligent and very sociable – he didn’t allow his low vision to prevent him from doing anything, including playing soccer! He’s a genuinely nice guy so it’s great to see him do so well!”

With skilled special education and early intervention, children with vision or hearing loss can access the same opportunities as all Australian children and reach their full potential.

RIDBC is Australia’s largest provider of services for children with hearing or vision loss, assisting thousands of children a year across Australia.  As Australia’s premier provider of training and education for professionals in the field of sensory disability, RIDBC also ensures that services delivered throughout government and non-government organisations remain cutting-edge.

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