Technology will help Isabelle succeed at school

Isabelle and her mum, Rebecca, at RIDBC Nepean Preschool

Isabelle, who has vision loss, is receiving support from RIDBC to help prepare her for school. With RIDBC she is learning to use the technology that will help her to succeed in the classroom.

Isabelle is four years old and began receiving support from RIDBC Early Learning Program (Vision Impairment) when she was three. She now attends RIDBC Nepean Preschool.

“Isabelle is learning to use a dome magnifier to enlarge print and pictures, a slope board to encourage good posture when reading, and binoculars for her distance vision so that she can see the white board, teacher and her peers more clearly,” said RIDBC’s, Phillipa Southey, who supports Isabelle on the Early Learning Program and provides weekly consultations at the preschool.

 “Low Vision aids are essential for assisting Isabelle to acquire literacy, so we’re teaching Isabelle the best ways to incorporate these into her preschool activities.”

At RIDBC Nepean Preschool Isabelle is building her confidence with her peers.

“RIDBC Nepean Preschool is a reverse integration preschool, purpose built to cater for the needs of children with hearing or vision loss, but where children from the local community also attend and are language and learning models for their peers. Here Isabelle has access to a range of social experiences to give her confidence interacting with other children,” said Phillipa.

Isabelle’s mother, Rebecca, is truly grateful for RIDBC’s support.

“Isabelle loves iPads, so RIDBC has introduced them into Isabelle’s regular home visits and this really motivates her to learn,” said Rebecca. “Whilst RIDBC has been fantastic for Isabelle, it has also been incredible for my family. What might be ‘normal’ for my daughter is a real learning curve for us, and RIDBC provides the practical insights we need to understand her vision impairment – as well as the tools we need to best support her.”