Brad with one of his daughters

In his late twenties, Brad Hiscock was living the dream of many young Australians; living and working in London. Working at iconic retailer, Harrod's, Brad recalls London fondly, as a time when he socialised often and enjoyed a carefree life.

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Cassidy shares her story of meeting Malala

In 2012, fifteen-year-old Pakistani schoolgirl, Malala Yousafzai, was shot by a Taliban gunman because she fought for her right to go to high school, under a regime that didn’t recognise the right of women to continue their education. Here, 19-year-old cochlear implant recipient, Cassidy Chow, who is studying to become an Audiologist, shares her story of meeting this inspirational woman.

RIDBC School Support Students (Vision Impairment) with their support teachers.

Each year, NASA shares their US Space and Rocket education Centre in Alabama with a group of students with vision impairment from around the world for the Space Camp for Interested Visually Impaired Students (SCIVIS).

Olivia's implant changed her life dramatically

Olivia Sharkey was born profoundly deaf in her right ear. No medical reason could be determined for her hearing loss, and with perfect hearing in her left ear, it was decided that no hearing supports were required.

RIDBC Audiologist Elise Coombs (left) with Port Macquarie resident and cochlear implant recipient Marianne Kilmurray.

In a first for the state of NSW, RIDBC have partnered with the Mid North Coast Local Health District to provide end-to-end cochlear implant services at Port Macquarie Base Hospital and the newly refurbished RIDBC Port Macquarie centre.

Eric with his daughter Sora, who has vision impairment.
Seventeen-month old Sora loves music; give her a drum or a toy piano, and she will be in her element, or play a beat, and she’ll dance. Her talents don’t stop at music, either. Sora, whose name means ‘sky’ in Japanese, is learning both English and Japanese, languages that are used in her family – and is excelling at both. 
“We’ll say something in Japanese, and she’ll respond in English. We’re so amazed by Sora!” said proud dad, Eric.