Cherraya is the first Indigenous toddler to receive a cochlear implant in the Northern Territory

Two-year-old Cherraya is already showing an artistic side, loves to draw and, like most children her age, is keenly exploring the world around her. Now, thanks to bilateral cochlear implants, the Darwin-based toddler has access to a world of sound too.

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Layelle with her mum and sister

In one of the most diverse and multicultural communities in Australia, the team at RIDBC Penrith are experienced in working with multilingual families. They regularly partner with experienced interpreters to provide services in the families’ first language, without compromising on quality of service or outcomes.

Child reading braille

RIDBC Renwick Centre's research is designed to keep Australia at the forefront of innovation in education and services for people with vision and hearing loss. Read some of the latest innovations and resources for parents and educators of students with a vision impairment.

Book Fair has been a big part of Philippa’s life

The time is early 2008 when Philippa Manton receives an invitation to assist with the RIDBC Book Fair. Fast forward 11 years and Philippa hasn’t missed one since, a remarkable contribution as a volunteer of RIDBC. The contribution is even more significant given this is the 31st, and final, Book Fair. Of her experience she explains “To be involved in something that shares the value of books has been marvellous”.

In 2019 Alan celebrates 23 years as an RIDBC volunteer

In 2019 Alan celebrates 23 years as an RIDBC volunteer. The good news? He isn’t done yet!

Anne alongside her Delta assessed therapy dog, Bella

That is how Anne Lazberger describes the experience of volunteering at RIDBC for the last six years alongside her Delta assessed therapy dog, Bella.