Cherraya is the first Indigenous toddler to receive a cochlear implant in the Northern Territory

Two-year-old Cherraya is already showing an artistic side, loves to draw and, like most children her age, is keenly exploring the world around her. Now, thanks to bilateral cochlear implants, the Darwin-based toddler has access to a world of sound too.

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Arlo's switch on moment was fantastic for the family

For children with hearing loss, early intervention is crucial to speech development, and for two-year-old Arlo Gleeson, access to a local service in her home town of Port Macquarie has her shining.

Oscar is a high-achiever in everything

Ten-year-old Oscar is an inspiration – from his sporting achievements to his compassion, kindness and passionate support of other children with hearing impairment, it's clear he is destined for great things.

Oliver with his mum, Melissa

11-Year-Old Oliver is preparing for his transition to high school, with support from RIDBC Teleschool, Braille Camp, and the Adaptive Technology Team. Oliver, a talented musician and athlete, won’t be held back by his vision impairment. He has a winning team on his side, with support from his amazing mum, Melissa, who has a Master of Special Education from RIDBC Renwick Centre.

Meeting the engineers who gave Amelie her hearing back was an important moment

Ten-year-old cochlear implant recipient, Amelie Graham, has a keen interest in the technology that has given her access to a world of sound, and recently, Cochlear were able to introduce her to the engineers who made her hearing possible.

Cassidy shares her story of meeting Malala

In 2012, fifteen-year-old Pakistani schoolgirl, Malala Yousafzai, was shot by a Taliban gunman because she fought for her right to go to high school, under a regime that didn’t recognise the right of women to continue their education. Here, 19-year-old cochlear implant recipient, Cassidy Chow, who is studying to become an Audiologist, shares her story of meeting this inspirational woman.