Preschools for Children with Hearing Impairment

RIDBC has four specialist preschools that enrol children with a significant hearing impairment. These preschools provide innovative programs for children aged 3-5 years.

RIDBC Preschools

  1. RIDBC Rockie Woofit Preschool is a reverse integration preschool for children learning to listen and talk
  2. RIDBC Roberta Reid Preschool provides a bilingual (Auslan and English) preschool program for deaf children who are being educated with their signing hearing peers

The programs at RIDBC preschools have a strong foundation in language development and are designed to foster children’s social and emotional development, and enhance their initiative, self-esteem and independence.

Three of the preschools are reverse integration preschools. This means they enrol children from local communities, without hearing impairment or vision impairment. These children are excellent language and play models for their peers.

Individual programs are developed in conjunction with families and group programs are underpinned by current early childhood best-practice guidelines. Parents and caregivers of a child with a hearing impairment are encouraged to attend individual weekly early learning sessions with their child and specialist teacher.

Parents are recognised as an integral part of the preschool program and families are encouraged to enrich the program by sharing special skills, interests and knowledge with the children.

Who can apply for enrolment?

RIDBC preschool services are available to any child in the Sydney or Newcastle region who:

  • Has a significant hearing impairment
  • Is between the ages of 3-6
  • Has not yet enrolled in formal schooling

How do you apply for enrolment?

For further information and an application form, contact:

T: (02) 9872 0231
F: (02) 9872 0335