2018 New Items

New Items List for 2018

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Listen! Hearing aids for people with multiple disabilities DVD / BartimÈus
DVD 617.89 LIST-1 
Getting used to glasses : a familiarisation programme for people with intellectual disabilities DVD / BartimÈus
DVD 362.418 GETT 
Signs of visual impairment : behaviour that indicates blindness or impaired sight in people with a cognitive disability DVD / BartimÈus 
DVD 362.418 SIGN 
Specific care : for people who are visually and intellectually impaired DVD / BartimÈus
DVD 362.418 SPEC 
Developing an attachment relationship : learning together with people with severe multiple disabilities : Part 1 DVD / BartimÈus 
DVD 155.422 DEVE 
Attachment : a psycho-therapeutic treatment DVD / BartimÈus 
DVD 155.422 ATTA 
Alone in a silent world : the story of the Stephensons and the Sheffield deaf / Nick Waite 
305.90820942821 WAIT 
Cerebral palsy : a complete guide for caregiving / Freeman Miller, MD,, Steven J. Bachrach, MD, and the Cerebral Palsy Center at Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children
618.92836 MILL 
Cochlear implants and other implantable hearing devices / edited by Michael J. Ruckenstein
617.88220592 COCH 
Current issues in the education of students with visual impairments /edited by Deboarah D. Hatton
371.9 CURR
Developmental assessment : Theory, practice and application to neurodisability / Sonksen, Patricia M., 
618.92858800833 SONK 
Developing attachment : a workbook for building up a secure relationship with children or adults with severe intellectual or multiple disabilities / Paula Sterkenburg
155.42 STER
Doing a literature review in nursing, health and social care / Michael Coughlan & Patricia Cronin
610.73072 COUG  
Early development of children with hearing loss / Susan Nittrouer
155.45 NITT
My mother made me deaf : discourse and identity in a deaf community / Bryan K. Eldredge
305.9082 ELDR
Pediatric skills for occupational therapy assistants / [edited by] Jean W. Solomon, Jane Clifford O'Brien ; illustrations by Moran Midgett ; with 30 contributing authors
Q615.8515 PEDI 2016 
Sign language in action / Jemina Napier, Heriot-Watt University, UK and Lorraine Leeson, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
419 NAPI
The stories they told me : the life of my deaf parents / Maria Wallisfurth ; translated by Cornelia Wallisfurth
362.42092243 WALL 
Write ways / Lesley Wing Jan
372.6044 WING 
Writing disability / editors: David Brooks and Elizabeth McMahon; guest co-editor Andy Jackson
A820.5 SOUT 
Young English language learners : current research and emerging directions for practice and policy / edited by Eugene E. GarcÌa, Ellen C. Frede
428.24 GARC



Sally & possum. Season One. / Director Ashton Ward
producers Ashton Ward
Melissa Veerhuis
Andy Fyffe
DVD 371.912487 SALL Season 1

Sally & possum. Season Two / Director Ashton Ward
producers Ashton Ward
Melissa Veerhuis
Andy Fyffe
DVD 371.912487 SALL Season 2


10 principles of good practice in vision rehabilitation / RNIB
Q362.41 RNIB

101 ideas for families with infants who are deaf or hard of hearing : an approach to listening and spoken language / Janice Gatty & Marian Hartblay
Q362.420832 GATT

Building alliances : a how-to manual to support transitioning youth / Valerie L. Mazzotti
Dawn A. Rowe
362.418 MAZZ

Building skills for independence in the mainstream : a guide to developing student independence with hearing devices and self-advocacy skills / Gail Wright & Karen L. Anderson
Q371.9120973 WRIG

Can I tell you about multiple sclerosis? : a guide for friends
family and professionals / Angela Amos ; illustrated by Sophie Wiltshire
813 AMOS

The circle of security : roadmap to building supportive relationships / Robyn Dolby
155.44 DOLB

C.O.A.C.H. : self advocacy and transition skills for secondary students who are deaf or hard of hearing / Lynne H. Price
Q371.9120973 PRIC

Cortical visual impairment : an approach to assessment and intervention / Christine Roman-Lantzy
Q362.418 ROMA 2018

First language acquisition / Eve V. Clark
401.93 CLAR

A guide to school services in speech-language pathology / Trici Schraeder
Q371.9142 SCHR 2017

Individual relocation profile and relocation plan : supporting children and adults with intellectual and sensory disabilities when moving house / Marijse Pol
305.908161 POL

Innovations in deaf studies : the role of deaf scholars / [edited by] Annelies Kusters
Maartje De Meulder
Dai O'Brien
371.912 KUST

Into the magic shop : a neurosurgeon's quest to discover the mysteries of the brain and the secrets of the heart / James R. Doty
611.81 DOTY

It's a small world : international deaf spaces and encounters / Michele Friedner and Annelies Kusters
305.9082 ITSA

Keys to educational success : teaching students with visual impairments and multiple disabilities / Sharon Z. Sacks and Mary C. Zatta
371.911 SACK-3

Off to the park / illustrated by Stephen Cheetham
823.9 CHEE

Orientation and mobility techniques : a guide for the practitioner / Diane L. Fazzi and Janet M. Barlow
Q362.418 ORIE 2017

SCREEN MAGIC: How your child learns from television / Norman P. Erber
302.2345083 ERBE

Talk to me
baby! : how you can support young children's language development / by Betty S. Bardige
372.6 BARI

The transcriber / Kristen Witucki
813.6 WITU

The value of indigenous sight : an economic analysis. Final report / University of Melbourne
IEHU <Indigenous Eye Health Unit & PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia>
Q362.4180994 VALU

Visually impaired : Assistive technologies
challenges and coping strategies / edited by Judy Estrada
617.71203 VISI

WorkWise : a manual for supporting children with a visual impairment combined with an autism spectrum disorder / Monique Hamer-de Jongh
Paul Lagerweij
Margreeth Strietman-te Roller
616.8589 HAME


What do Christians believe? Studies in Christian faith from the Auslan Bible
DVD 242.2 WHAT
Amelia & me : on deafness, autism, and parenting by the seat of my pants / Melinda Hildebrandt
618.9286882 HILD
Bilingualism and deafness : on language contact in the bilingual acquisition of sign language and written language / Carolina Plaza-Pust
401.93 PLAZ
Blind visitor experiences at art museums / Simon Hayhoe
704.087 HAYH
Boy / Phil Cummings ; illustrated by Shane Devries
A823.3 CUMM
Cognitive perspectives on bilingualism / by Monika Reif ; Justyna A.Robinson
404.2 REIF
Differentiated instruction / Peter Westwood ; edited by Jade Jakovcic
371.394 WEST
Documented plans used in education : a guide for families / developed by Dolly Bhargava
Q371.394 BHAR
Functional communication training for problem behavior / Joe Reichle, David P. Wacker
618.92855 REIC
Genetic diseases of the eye / edited by Elias I. Traboulsi
Q617.7042 GENE
How the special needs brain learns / David A. Sousa
Q370.1523 SOUS 2016
Ladders to literacy : a preschool activity book / by Angela Notari-Syverson, Rollanda E. O'Connor, and Patricia F. Vadasy
Q371.90444 NOTA
Language rich : insights from multilingual schools / Stuart Shaw, Helen Imam and Sarah Hughes
370.1175 SHAW
Managing their own affairs : the Australian deaf community in the 1920s and 1930s / Breda Carty
305.908162 CART
Mellie goes to nursery school / MED-EL
813.54 MEDE-1
Research design : quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, arts-based, and community-based participatory research approaches / Patricia Leavy
300.72 LEAV
Social and emotional skills training for children : the fast track friendship group manual / Karen L. Bierman [and 5 others]
Q303.32 BIER
Successful academic writing : a complete guide for social and behavioral scientists / Anneliese A. Singh, Lauren Lukkarila
808.023 SING
Teaching Indigenous students : cultural awareness and classroom strategies for improving learning outcomes / Thelma Perso & Colleen Hayward
371.8299915 PERS
The journey to Le Dem / Story by Justyna Konczalska ; Art by Burkard Schulz
813.54 KONC
The World Blind Union guide to the Marrakesh Treaty : facilitating access to books for print-disabled individuals / Laurence R. Helfer, Molly K. Land, Ruth L. Okediji, Jerome H. Reichman
342.087 HELF
Transition to adulthood : the views and experiences of blind and partially sighted young people transitioning into adulthood in the UK / Rachel Hewett, Graeme Douglas, Sue Keil
331.34087 TRANS
You're telling the story : how to develop useful assessments for learning in early childhood / Janet Moles
Q372.21 MOLE


Audiobooks, literature, and sound studies / /edited by Matthew Rubery
302.23 AUDI
Because pictures matter / by Deborah Kent ; illustrated by Ann Cunningham
362.41 KENT
Blue skies for lupe / written & illustrated by Linda Kurtz Kingsley
Cochlear implant research advances / edited by David Crow
617.89 COCH-2
Creating robust vocabulary : frequently asked questions and extended examples / Isabel L. Beck, Margaret G. McKeown, Linda Kucan
372.44 BECK-1
Eye diseases and disorders : what you should know / Rachael Gray, editor
617.7 EYED
Faiths and their festivals : a guide to religions and celebrations in our multicultural society / Christine Howard & Kay Margetts
394.26 HOWA
Feeding and nutrition in children with neurodevelopmental disability / edited by Peter B. Sullivan
618.928588 SULL
Gross motor development curriculum for children with visual impairments / Lauren J. Lieberman and Pamela S. Haibach
Q371.9110973 LIEB
Handbook of bilingualism : psycholinguistic approaches / edited by Judith F. Kroll, Annette M.B. De Groot
404.2019 HAND
Handbook of pediatric psychology / [edited by] Michael C. Roberts, Ric G. Steele
618.9200019 ROBE
Handbook of research on reading comprehension, second edition / edited by Susan E. Israel
372.47 ISRA
Hearing Loss in Children / /edited by Bradley W. Kesser and Margaret A. Kenna
618.920978 HEAR
I'm deaf, and it's okay / Lorraine Aseltine, Evelyn Mueller, Nancy Tait ; pictures by Helen Cogancherry
813.54 ASEL
Let's play! Toys and play ideas for young children with vision impairment / Produced for RNIB by Karen Newell and Rebecca Atkinson
Q371.9113 NEWE
Music and young children with CIs / MED-EL
Q617.89 MEDE
Netter's atlas of anatomy for speech, swallowing, and hearing / David H. McFarland
Q611.91 McFA 2015
Preparing deaf and hearing persons with language and learning challenges for CBT : a pre-therapy workbook / Neil S. Glickman
617.806 GLIC
Reena's rainbow / Dee White; illustrated by Tracie Grimwood
813.54 WHIT
The survival guide for new special education teachers / Catherine Creighton Martin, Clara Hauth
371.9 MART
What every special educator must know : professional ethics & standards
Q379.157 COUN 2015
Working together : manual for sign language work within development cooperation / Finnish Association of the Deaf ; World Federation of the Deaf
Writing clearly for clients and colleagues : the human service practitioner's guide / Natalie Ames, NorthCarolina State University, Katy FitzGerald
808.066361 AMES


Bilingual : life and reality / FranÁois Grosjean
404.2 GROS
The blind hunter / written and illustrated by Kristina Rodanas
Q813.6 RODA
Deaf people and society : psychological, sociological and educational perspectives / Irene W. Leigh and Jean F. Andrews
305.9082 LEIG
Deafness : its various causes, and their successful removal by electrolysis, &c. / by H. Campbell, M.D., Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians of London, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, &c. &c
617.8 CAMP
Discrimination, copyright, and equality : opening the e-Book for the print-disabled / Paul Harpur, University of Queensland
346.0482087 HARP
Five flavors of Dumb / Antony John
813.54 JOHN
Global telehealth : selected papers from Global Telehealth 2010 (GT2010) : 15th International Conference of the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth and 1st National Conference of the Australasian Telehealth Society / edited by Anthony C. Smith and Anthony J. Maeder
025.0661 GLOB
Hurt go happy / Ginny Rorby
813.54 RORB
Innovative research and practices in second language acquisition and bilingualism / Edited by John W. Schwieter, Wilfrid Laurier University
418.0071 INNO
International sign : linguistic, usage, and status issues / Rachel Rosenstock and Jemina Napier, editors
419 INTE
Kidspeak : a dictionary of Australian children's words, expressions and games / June Factor assisted by Siobhan Hannan
423.1 FACT
King for a day / by Rukhsana Khan
Medical aspects of disability for the rehabilitation professional / [edited by] Alex Moroz, Steven R. Flanagan, and Herb Zaretsky
617.03 MEDI
My friend is blind / by Nicola Edwards
Q813.6 EDWA
Pediatric cochlear implantation : learning and the brain / Nancy M. Young, Karen Iler Kirk, editors
Q618.92097882 YOUN
Piano starts here : the young Art Tatum / by Robert Andrew Parker
813.6 TATU:P
Pocket anatomy : a complete guide to the human body, for artists and students / Christopher Joseph
611 CHRI
The psychological and social impact of illness and disability / Irmo Marini, Mark A. Stebnicki, editors
155.916 MARI
Sign languages of the world : a comparative handbook / edited by Julie Bakken Jepsen, Goedele De Clerck, Sam Lutalo-Kiingi, William B. McGregor
419 SIGN-3
Supporting young children to ask productive questions / Maria Birbili
649.1 BIRB
Tactual perception : a sourcebook / edited by William Schiff and Emerson Foulke
152.182 TACT
The untold story of the talking book / Matthew Rubery
002.09 RUBE
The Aussie Slang Dictionary / by Frank Povah
427.994 POVA
Australian literature for young people / Rosemary Ross Johnston
Bilingual education : an introductory reader / edited by Ofelia GarcÌa and Colin Baker
370.117 GARC
Change and promise : bilingual deaf education and deaf culture in Latin America / Barbara Gerner de Garcia Lodenir Becker Karnopp, editors
371.912098 CHAN
Clinical anatomy and physiology of the visual system / Lee Ann Remington
Q611.84 REMI
Early intervention for reading difficulties : the interactive strategies approach / Donna M. Scanlon, Kimberly L. Anderson, Joan M. Sweeney
372.43 SCAN
Educating students with severe and multiple disabilities : a collaborative approach / edited by Fred P. Orelove, Dick Sobsey, Donna L. Gilles
371.9 OREL 2017
Experiments in democracy : human embryo research and the politics of bioethics / J. Benjamin Hurlbut
612.64 HURL
Gifted and talented : inclusion and exclusion / by Cathie Harrison
371.950994 HARR
Handbook of language and literacy : development and disorders / edited by C. Addison Stone, Elaine R. Silliman, Barbara J. Ehren, Geraldine P. Wallach
371.914 HAND
Hearing loss / edited by David Crow
617.8 HEAR-2
Input and experience in bilingual development / edited by Theres Gr¸ter, University of Hawai?i at Manoa ; Johanne Paradis, University of Alberta
404.2 INPU
Intervening in stress, attachment and challenging behaviour : effects in children with multiple disabilities / Paula Sophia Sterkenburg
155.9042 STER
Linguistic coping strategies in sign language interpreting. 2nd edition. / Jemina Napier
418.02 NAPI 2016
Living spaces : indoor learning environments / Luke Touhill
372.21 TOUH
Myopia and glaucoma / Kazuhisa Sugiyama, Nagahisa Yoshimura, editors
617.741 MYOP
Neuropsychology : from theory to practice / David Andrewes
Q612.8 ANDE
QUEST program I : social skills curriculum for elementary school students with autism / JoEllen Cumpata, Susan Fell
371.9 CUMP
Understanding research and evidence-based practice in communication disorders : a primer for students and practitioners / William O. Haynes, Carole E. Johnson
616.8550072 HAYN
Sign language, sustainable development, and equal opportunities : envisioning the future for deaf students / Goedele A. M. De Clerck, Peter V. Paul, editors
371.912457 SIGN
Snow rabbit / Camille Garoche
813 GARO
The eye : basic sciences in practice / John V. Forrester, Andrew D. Dick, Paul G. McMenamin, Fiona Roberts, Eric Pearlman
612.84 FORR 2016
Tigers, too : executive functions/speed of processing/memory : impact on academic, behavioral, and social functioning of students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Tourette syndrome, and obsessive-compulsive disorder : modifications and interventions / Marilyn P. Dornbush, Sheryl K. Pruitt
371.94 DORN


Commercialising copyright / Nathan Webster
Q346.940482 WEBS
The educator's handbook for inclusive school practices / by Julie Causton, Ph.D. Syracuse University and Chelsea P. Tracy-Bronson, M.A., Syracuse University
371.9046 CAUS
The Heart of Applebutter Hill / Donna W. Hill
813.6 HILL
Introducing sign language literature : folklore and creativity / Rachel Sutton-Spence and Michiko Kaneko
899.98 SUTT
Libraries & copyright / author, Jo Teng, with the assistance of Ian McDonald and Jessica Coates
Q346.940482 TENG
Mastering medical terminology : Australia and New Zealand / Sue Walker, Maryann Wood, Jenny Nicol
Q610.14 WALK
Overcoming adversity : conquering life's challenges / Eileen S. Lenson
158.1 LENS
The quality of silence / Rosamund Lupton
823.92 LUPT
Research methods in interpreting : a practical resource / Sandra Hale and Jemina Napier
418.020721 HALE
Resurrection bay / Emma Viskic
A823.3 VISK
Selective mutism in our own words : experiences in childhood and adulthood / Carl Sutton and Cheryl Forrester ; foreword by Donna Williams
618.92855 SUTT
Sound & screen in education : an in-depth guide / Jo Teng
Q346.940482 TENG-2
Statistics for human service evaluation / Reginald O. York, University of North Carolina, Wilmington
519.5 YORK
Tadpoles in the Torrens : poems for young readers : teachers' edition / edited by Jude Aquilina
A821.008 TADP
What really works with exceptional learners / editors, Wendy W. Murawski, Kathy Lynn Scott ; foreword by Ann Turnbull
371.9 MURA
Writers & copyright / Jo Teng
Q346.940482 TENG-1
10 essential instructional elements for students with reading difficulties : a brain-friendly approach / Andrew P. Johnson
372.43 JOHN


A guide to writing social storiesTM : step-by-step guidelines for parents and professionals / Chris Williams and Barry Wright
618.92 WILL
A parents' and teachers' guide to bilingualism / Colin Baker
371.97 BAKE-1 2014
A quick guide to special needs and disabilities / Bob Bates
371.9 BATE
An introduction to the sociology of health and illness / Kevin White
306.461 WHIT
Attention and vision in language processing / Ramesh Kumar Mishra, Narayanan Srinivasan, Falk Huettig, editors
401.93 ATTE
The bilingual advantage : promoting academic development, biliteracy, and native language in the classroom / Diane Rodriguez, Angela Carrasquillo, Kyung Soon Lee ; Foreword by Margarita Calderon ; Afterword by Chun Zhang
404.2 RODR
Bilingualism in development : language, literacy, and cognition / Ellen Bialystok
401.93 BIAL-1 
Bilingualism in schools and society : language, identity, and policy / Sarah J. Shin
404.2083 SHIN
Calming your anxious child : words to say and things to do / Kathleen Trainor, PsyD
618.928522 TRAI
Educating emergent bilinguals : policies, programs, and practices for English language learners / Ofelia GarcÌa, Jo Anne Kleifgen ; foreword by Jim Cummins
370.1175 GARC
How languages are learned / Patsy M. Lightbown and Nina Spada
401.93 LIGH 2006
Interpreter education in the digital age : innovation, access, and change / edited by Suzanne Ehrlich and Jemina Napier
419.071 INTE
Language Disorders in Bilingual Children and Adults / Kathryn Kohnert
618.92855 KOHN
Multilingualism in the Australian suburbs : a framework for exploring bilingual identity / Ruth Fielding
306.44994 FIEL
The neurolinguistics of bilingualism : an introduction / Franco Fabbro
404.2019 FABB
Of mice and metaphors : therapeutic storytelling with children / Jerrold R. Brandell, Wayne State University
618.920068 BRAN
The psycholinguistics of bilingualism / Francois Grosjean and Ping Li , Primary Authors ; with contributions from Ellen Bialystok
404.2019 GROS
Signing and belonging in Nepal / Erika Hoffmann-Dilloway
305.9082 HOFF
Tic disorders : a guide for parents and professionals / Uttom Chowdhury and Tara Murphy ; foreword by Suzanne Dobson
618.9283 CHOW
Why do English learners struggle with reading? : distinguishing language acquisition from learning disabilities / [edited by] John J. Hoover, Leonard M. Baca, Janette K. Klingner
371.9144 HOOV