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North Rocks Press Backlist

To celebrate the 150 year anniversary of RIDBC in 2010, a number of landmark North Rocks Press publications have been digitised and made available for download for the purposes of research and study only.

Please do not reproduce any part of these files for any commercial purpose without permission.

Title Author Date
A girl like Alice Part 1 (Download pdf, 14.7MB)
A girl like Alice Part 2 (Download pdf, 14.3MB)
Thompson, Valerie 1990
Cortical visual impairment : presentation, assessment and management (Download pdf, 2.5MB) Crossman, Heather L. 1992
Dad's the answer Part 1 (Download pdf, 15.3MB)
Dad's the answer Part 2 (Download pdf, 15.5MB)
Stenmark, Marea 1989
The effects of vision loss on child development (Download pdf, 2.6MB) Ferrell, Kay Alicyn 1995
How to Converse with the Deaf in Sign Language Part 1 (Download pdf, 12.3MB)
How to Converse with the Deaf in Sign Language Part 2 (Download pdf, 13.3MB)
Complied by the Teachers of the Schools at Waratah and Castle Hill, NSW 1943
The management of the child with cerebral palsy and low vision : a neurodevelopmental therapy perspective (Download pdf, 2.0MB) Geniale, Tricia 1991
Mum's the word Part 1 (Download pdf, 15.1MB)
Mum's the word Part 2 (Download pdf, 16.5MB)
Mum's the word Part 3 (Download pdf, 14.2MB)
Stenmark, Marea 1998
The needs of children and young people (0-19 yrs) with vision impairment in New South Wales (Download pdf, 16.6MB) Royal Blind Society of NSW and Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children 1999
The relationship between parents and teachers of young children with disabilities : outcomes for children and families (Download pdf, 2.8MB) Hartshorne, Timothy S 2000
The structure and formation of signs in Auslan Part 1 (Download pdf, 16.5MB)
The structure and formation of signs in Auslan Part 2 (Download pdf, 19.1MB)
Schembri, Adam 1996
Supporting the receptive communications of individuals with significant multiple disabilities (Download pdf, 4.5MB) Goold, Louise and Hummel, Jill 1993
We grew up together (Download pdf, 11.1MB) Plowman, Jennifer 1985
The Story of Alice Bettereridge (Download pdf, 6.6MB) Earlam, Harold 1917