School Support Service - Hearing Impairment

RIDBC School Support service offers specialist educational services to independent schools that have enrolled students who have a significant hearing loss. RIDBC School Support Service (Hearing) provides a trained specialist teacher to schools to enable them to cater for the needs of students in years K-12 who are enrolled in independent schools in the Greater Sydney Metropolitan area

The RIDBC Teacher/Consultant has two primary roles:

1. To provide staff development workshops and training opportunities to school staff, and individual advice about  the best ways to accommodate children with hearing loss in their classrooms

2. For each student the RIDBC School Support Service:

  • Provides specialist 1:1 teaching to develop the student’s language/literacy skills.
  • Provides regular written reports to the Principal, relevant staff and parents.
  • Liaise with school staff and  support agencies about student needs.
  • Monitor and provide support for use of audiological equipment.
  • Advise schools about special provisions for assessment tasks.

Additionally , students may access a consultative service from RIDBC’s range of therapists including, Psychology, Audiology, and Speech Pathology.


Students attending independent schools in Metropolitan Sydney are eligible for admission to the RIDBC School Support Service (Hearing) according to the RIDBC enrolment criteria for Educational Services.

Students must have a significant bilateral hearing loss that requires the wearing of hearing devices..For further details contact: :


Head of Department, Mrs Sandi Ambler on (02) 8838 1400  or