School Support Service - Vision Impairment

RIDBC School Support Service (Vision Impairment) assists metropolitan independent schools to provide full access to the school curriculum for students who are blind or who have significant vision impairment.

Features of the RIDBC School Support Service:

•    Specific focus on vision related educational needs
•    Assessment and planning
•    Braille tuition
•    Low vision aid prescription
•    Access technology tuition
•    Alternative format publications
•    Orthoptist and Access Technology Consultant
•    Seminars and workshops for schools

Who can apply for enrolment?

The RIDBC School Support Service (Vision Impairment) is for metropolitan independent schools who have students with a vision impairment of 6/24 or greater.

Where is the RIDBC School Support Service (Vision Impairment) located?

The School Support Service provides a blended program of school visits and electronic support.

How do you apply for enrolment?

A medical referral is not necessary but documentation of the child’s vision impairment is required.  Schools and parents jointly apply for admission.  For further information, telephone (02) 9872 0316.