SCIC Cochlear Implant Program

Cochlear Implant Program

Who can benefit?

People of all ages can benefit from a cochlear implant. Cochlear implants provide a choice for children and adults who gain little or no benefit from a conventional hearing aid. The level of success of a cochlear implant is dependent on many factors and our specialist team can evaluate and discuss these with you and your family during the assessment process.

How much does it cost?

A cochlear implant and the affiliated support services are generally able to be provided to individuals with no out of pocket costs. We are able to provide this with funding received from government, private health insurance and support from our charitable fundraising initiatives.

What should I expect?

Our SCIC Cochlear Implant Program provides support and care throughout the entire cochlear implant journey for you and your family. From the initial hearing loss assessment, through the cochlear implantation and ongoing support, we’ll be with you the whole way. We provide essential support to ensure you receive the best outcome and response to the new sounds being experienced.


What ongoing support is available?

Support services are able to be provided across Australia. As well as receiving face-to-face support, we are able to offer support remotely through use of telepractice video conferencing. RIDBC is an innovative leader in the use of telepractice support to deliver its therapy services directly into your home and provide support to you from wherever you might be in Australia.

How can I find out more?

Please visit the SCIC Cochlear Implant Program website at for full and detailed information about cochlear implantation. Alternatively, please call 1300 658 981 or email for further information.


Hearing Aid Check

When hearing aids are no longer enough, a cochlear implant may be right for you.

Courtesy of Cochlear Limited the online Hearing Aid Check is simple, free and can be taken from the comfort of your home. It will compare your performance with hearing aids to people with cochlear implants. The results will reveal if you should consider other options for better hearing.

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