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Every day, RIDBC supports hundreds of children with vision loss, and their families, around Australia.

Supporting children from the time of diagnosis, right through their teenage years and beyond, RIDBC's range of education and therapy services are provided to children living all around Australia.

Read the case studies below to find out more about some of the children being supported by RIDBC.

Gem's future is looking bright

When Gem was born, it was clear right away that there was something different about her eyes. “We could see that both her eyes were white, that she had cataracts,” says her mum, Dee.

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Paul achieves in HSC

Born with a genetic condition that resulted in farsighted vision, Paul was also involved in an accident that rendered his right eye sightless at the age of three.

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Lachlan explores the world through braille

Watch Lachlan's video about how RIDBC VisionEd Preschool has supported him to develop the concepts, language and physical skills needed to develop his Braille reading and writing skills.

Lucy is exceeding all expectations

Lucy has microphthalmia, a very small right eye, which has no vision. At three months of age she started receiving support from RIDBC Early Learning Program (Vision Impairment).

Josh meets the Prime Minister

Nine-year-old Josh Wood from Carindale, who lives with a vision impairment, was ‘over the moon’ when he and his brother, Ben, received an invitation to meet the Prime Minister of Australia.

Jenna’s road to Rio

Jenna, a Faulconbridge school student, has a rare disease called cone rod dystrophy. It wasn't diagnosed until she started school. The progressive disease damages the retina's cone cells which sense light and relay these signals via the optic nerve to the brain.

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Olivia wins award

Olivia, who is 18 years old and has both hearing and vision loss, received an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of 97.5.

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Connor's campaign drives change

15 year old Connor, who is blind, successfully lobbied the Reserve Bank to include tactile features on all new banknotes.

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Tim now a mentor

Watch Tim's video about how RIDBC Teleschool has supported him from his home in regional NSW to access the braille skills he needs to pursue his academic dreams.

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Liam is thriving at 'big school'

When Liam was just six week of age he was diagnosed with Norrie disease, a condition that causes blindness and in some cases, hearing loss. 

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Morgan excels despite the obstacles

Morgan, who is blind, lives in regional NSW and has been supported by RIDBC Teleschool since she was eight months old. She is now learning braille and developing the skills she will need to succeed in school.

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Julian - Exceptional student wins award

RIDBC School Support Student, Julian, excelled in the HSC, supported by RIDBC to ensure he had full access to the curriculum. Read more about how this exceptional student is now pursuing his dreams at university.

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