Service principles

(NSW Disability Services Standards)

Quality service delivery incorporating current best practice is required.  All services will operate within an environment that is sensitive to the cultural and linguistic needs of children and their families.

Services will be delivered in line with RIDBC Policies and Practices and current Legislative requirements.  Copies are available on request.


Each child and family receives a service that promotes and respects their legal and human rights and enables them to exercise choice and participation according to their individual and cultural needs and preferences.

This service is committed to ensuring the dignity and privacy of all children and families is respected.  Confidentiality will be maintained at all times with respect to information sought and held. A safe, secure and healthy environment will be provided for all children. 


Each child/family//school is free to provide feedback and/or to raise any complaints they may have regarding the quality of service or its delivery.  Complaints are resolved in a fair, respectful, efficient and confidential manner without negative implication for service provision or client interaction.

The resolution of complaints promotes a harmonious environment and improves service delivery.


Each child is encouraged and supported to participate and be actively included in the community and mainstream activities in the way their families choose.

The service is committed to developing knowledge, skills and attitudes that increase each child’s ability to engage in activities that are valued by the wider community and supported to develop and maintain a positive self-image.


Each child and family has access to the service on the basis of relative need and available resources.  The service is committed to ensuring all admissions and discharges follow fair and non-discriminatory processes.

Where services are not appropriate or available,  information and referral support about alternative options will be provided to the child and family.


Each family is supported to exercise as much choice and control as possible over the design and delivery of their child’s support and service.  . 

The service is committed to ensuring participation of each family in the planning and decision making process about the services and activities to be delivered to their child.


RIDBC has good governance, management and quality processes in place and employs sound management practices which maximize outcomes for the children and their families.

RIDBC is committed to ensuring that each child and family receives quality services which are effectively and efficiently governed.  Services are well managed and delivered by skilled staff with the right values, attitudes, goals and experience.