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As part of RIDBC’s ongoing commitment to provide services in areas that are accessible for both children and adults with vision or hearing loss, we operate purpose built sites within local communities to deliver a range of education, therapy and cochlear implant services. These sites have a focus on community relevance, community support and ease of access, enabling us to provide a suite of services tailored to suit the individual needs of the children and adults we support.

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Services delivered by videoconference

No matter where you live, RIDBC can use technology to deliver our specialist education, therapy and cochlear implant support services directly to your home or local facility.
We use technology to give you access to a range of services, including; individual and group classes; parent networking and education programs; support to develop a range of communication options; braille tuition and vision loss support; transition to school and school support; and assessment, therapy and diagnostic programs. RIDBC’s state of the art technological solutions allow you or your child to tap into a network of professionals to help you reach your goals and ensure the best outcomes with individually tailored programs, from wherever you live.

RIDBC Teleschool

RIDBC Teleschool provides education and therapy services to children with vision or hearing loss in regional and remote areas of Australia, using high quality video conferencing technology in the family home or other local facilities.
Experienced RIDBC therapists and teachers tailor an individual program for each child.

Blended Services

Our ‘blended service’ model provides children, adults and families with a combination of traditional face to face or ‘in person’ sessions, as well as remote sessions. For example, a family living in rural Australia may receive the majority of their sessions remotely, but visit RIDBC once a term for individual and group sessions if needed.
Our programs allow you to use any device to connect to the expert education and therapy services provided by RIDBC, including; laptops, tablets, telephones, or the dedicated videoconferencing equipment RIDBC provides to families accessing RIDBC Teleschool. This gives you the opportunity to access skilled support from experts in the field – support that may not be available in your local community.
RIDBC also understands that the experience of living in remote or regional areas can be isolating, so we use technology to connect you to our ‘group sessions’. For example, we are now using technology to deliver a group braille class directly into the homes of young students who are blind, allowing families in rural and remote areas to access expert staff who are experienced in teaching braille, as well as giving parents the opportunity to learn alongside them and develop strategies to support their child’s early braille skills!
Through our group sessions, children who may never have met another child with vision loss can interact with their peers and the teacher through these unique learning opportunities. Parents can share their stories with other families in a similar circumstances and develop a support network that can be accessed outside of the class, including through RIDBC’s specialist residential weeks and our networking website, RIDBC & Me.

Remote Mapping - Cochlear Implant Support Services

RIDBC provides Australia’s largest and most comprehensive cochlear implant program for people of all ages through our SCIC Cochlear Implant Program. As part of this service, RIDBC is leading the way in providing remote mapping for cochlear implant recipients. Remote mapping occurs as part of the ongoing habilitation of a cochlear implant recipient that also includes regular hearing tests and, for children, speech and language assessments. As our cochlear implant specialists are able to work with you remotely using software installed on your computer - our recipients are able to return to their homes shortly after surgery and receive support in the convenience of their own home.

Remote mapping occurs as part of RIDBC’s ongoing support service to cochlear implant recipients of all ages. Our SCIC Cochlear Implant Program is designed to provide a seamless, end-to-end suite of services, including surgical liaison and support. Part of our ongoing service to you includes regular hearing tests and, for children, early intervention, education and speech and language assessments. With remote mapping, we can ensure the lifetime of care for your cochlear implant can be continued, no matter where you live.

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