Supporting RIDBC Hunter

RIDBC Hunter was officially opened on 31 October 1991. Since opening, the centre has provided services to hundreds of children and families in the Hunter region through a preschool, early learning program, cochlear implant program, parent support groups and early learning groups. RIDBC Hunter relies heavily on the community to help deliver much needed programs for children in the Hunter with a vision or hearing loss.

When parents are given the diagnosis that their child has a disability it can be a very overwhelming time. Intensive early intervention and support is critical for these children, and RIDBC Hunter focuses on giving parents the tools and knowledge they need to give their children the best possible start in life. Staff at RIDBC Hunter work with families to give children every opportunity to develop their skills to be at the same level as their peers and to go on to mainstream schools.   

You can help us change a child’s life through the following ways: